Maisa Bascuas

PhD candidate in Social Science, University of Buenos Aires

Maisa Bascuas has a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and she is a PHd candidate in Social Science from the same university. She is a member of the Study Group of Feminisms in Latina America (GEFAL) within the Institute of Latin American and the Caribbean (IEALC-UBA). As a social and political activist, she is part of the Confederation of Labor of the Popular Economy (CTEP) as well as part of the Commision of Research about the Violence in the Territories (CVT). She is also an activis within the popular feminism in Argentina. These days her field of interest is placed at the intersection between the popular economy labor union, the crisis of social reproduction as well as the estrategies of resistence that woman and diversities build in this precarious scenarios  of life and territories violence.