Michael Murphy

PhD in Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, London

I completed my Doctoral research in Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, London. My thesis, Critical Cosmopolitanism: Revitalising Critical Theory through the perspective of self, other and the world, sets a synthesis of the work of Gerard Delanty, Walter Mignolo and Watsuji Tetsurō. The result of this exchange of ideas between East and West, North and South, offers a conceptually non-Eurocentric and multi-disciplinary perspective of time (overcoming the imposition of idealised notions of modernity and accompanying concepts), space (social space), agency (relational), and knowledge (plural). I have reached a provisional agreement for the publication of my research with the series editor of Columbia University Press series, New Directions in Critical Theory. My work has been published in the European Journal of Social Theory, and I have contributed essays on Watsuji Tetsurō and non-Western forms of Cosmopolitan thought, to the Global Social Theory Project developed by Professor Gurminder Bhambra. The research has also been applied to the curation of an art exhibition.