Marx Beyond Europe: The Expansion of Capitalism and the Formation of World History

July 1-4, 2014
10.00-12.00 am

One of the principal perceptions of Marx’s Capital was its recognition of the expansion of capitalism and its gradual unification in the establishment of a world market. This identification of a world market revealed for Marx the silhouette of world history yet to be written. When Georg Lukacs later added the observation that historical materialism was really capitalism’s self-knowledge, he pointed to the possibility of how this world history might be subsequently imagined. The purpose of the course is to follow the migration of Marx’s conception of historical materialism beyond Europe in what once was called the Third World to see how it was inflected to account for local (historical) circumstances wherever it encountered capitalism to collectively form the figure of a world history. Course will consist of lectures and discussions from readings by Marx, Luxemburg, Gramsci and thinkers from South and East Asia, Latin America.