Global Borders

June 24-27, 2014
10.00-12.00 am

Many studies have mapped in recent years the proliferation and the increasing relevance of borders in the contemporary world. Far from taking this sheer fact as an argument against “globalization” the course will show that borders are currently crucial devices in the articulation of really existing global processes. The point will be made that the border itself provides a privileged angle on the production of global space and time, as well as on the nature of contemporary capitalism and the production of subjectivity that characterizes it.The course will firstly focus on the history of modern borders and on their constitutive role in the origin and development of a world system dominated by state and capital. It will then analyze from the point of view of the shifting shape and functions of the very institute of the border the multiple transitions characterizing the present. It will end with the discussion of some case studies, referring to the European border and migration regime, to the so-called Pacific solution in Australia and to emerging “post-developmental” geographies in China and India