The Global South

June 24-27, 2014
4.30-6.30 pm

This seminar trenchantly focuses on the conceptual apparatus and analytics of the Global South for the consideration of new epistemological resources that examine polysemous approaches to our contemporary global “situation” and our global future. Turning “southward” to disentangle, substantiate, and finesse theoretical problems on this “situation” (terrorism, ecological limits, and neoliberal politics, to cite a few instances), the Global South is interrogated through recent scholarship critically gesturing toward the tenets of “the South,” borders, migration circuits and diaspora, processes of racialization and deracination, and the construction and influx of otherness. Not merely tapping into core-periphery mappings, or a Global North/Global South dyad, the Global South that will be conceptually patterned will piece together an instructive framework that lacks a specific academic discipline but that productively promotes South-South interventions and alliances.