2.00-4.00 pm

Panel 01 – Chair: CRISTINA DEMARIA (Aula GAMBI)

Eduardo Altheman Camargo Santos, From one-dimensional man to entrepreneurs of the self
Bruna Della Torre de Carvalho Lima, Culture Industry, Now and Then

Panel 02 – Chair: LUCA JOURDAN (Aula SEMINARI2)

Suwen Huang, The Political Effects of “Wall” on the Generation of Human Time Frames and the Markets
Alejo Stark, Insurgent Critical Thought: On the Zapatista’s diagnosis of Global War

Panel 03 – Chair: PAOLA RUDAN (Aula SPECOLA)

Matilde Cazzola, Practitioners of the West Indian Empire, 1833-1865: Labour, Freedom, and Sovereignty
Chad Attenborough, An Enlightened Mulatto
Beodur AlagraaMaking Partisan Use of Catastrophe: Rethinking Sovereignty in Black Political Thought
2:00-4:00 pm

Panel 04 – Chair: CRISTINA DEMARIA (Aula GAMBI)

Timothy Eric Strom, The Road Map to Brave New World: Cartography and Fordism from Gulf Oil to Google
Kristian Jeff Agustin, Southeast Asia by way of international political communication and digital visual cultures

Panel 05 – Chair: PAOLA RUDAN (Aula SPECOLA)

Martino Sacchi Landriani, Toward A Critical Theory Of Police Power In XIX Century France
Paul Gutierrez, Working for Freedom: Work as Bildung in Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic

4.30-6.30 pm

Panel 06 – Chair: LUCA JOURDAN (Aula GAMBI)

Victor Pressfeldt, Challenging the State: Moving from Marxism to Neoliberalism
Marina Miguel Bedran, Road to Nowhere: Form and Finance in the Transamazonian Case
Jonathan Yong Tienxhi, Alternative Models of Neoliberalism: Neoliberal Urbanism in Kuala Lumpur

Panel 07 – Chair: SANDRO MEZZADRA (Aula SPECOLA)

Matias Leandro Saidel, Discussing the Common(s) in Neoliberal Capitalism
Maura Brighenti, In the Neoliberal Field: Bodies and Territories in Contemporary Conflicts