Maria Teresa Annarumma

Independent Curator and Producer

Maria Teresa Annarumma, after a Master’s Degree and a Post Graduate School in Law at
University Federico II in Naples (I), and then working as a lawyer for ten years, left to set up an
art production group focused on the development of engaged social projects, working for a decade
with the artist Craigie Horsfield in the “Napoli Conversation project”.
She was curatorial fellow at the Whitney Independent Study Program (NY/2013-2014) and wrote
the essay “Public Space and the Common,” published in “Common Spaces,” edited by the Whitney
Museum before becoming guest researcher at the MacBa (2015, Barcelona, E).
She’s now curator for the contemporary program at “Complesso Monumentale Purgatorio ad Arco”
in Naples (I) and continues to work with artists, curators and engaged theorists in Italy, Spain and
in the US, as an independent curator and producer. She writes for artist catalogues and arts
journals. Her first book is about the origins and evolution of social projects in Contemporary Art.