Maria Giulia Boccalatte

Graduate student, Historical and Oriental Studies - Curriculum "Global Cultures", University of Bologna

In 2016 Maria Giulia Boccalatte received her Bachelor degree in Philosophy at the University of Bologna. Her thesis in Aesthetics “L’esperienza estetica come atto di libertà. La riflessione sull’arte in Herbert Marcuse”, focused on Marcuse’s criticism on the capitalist society from a Eurocentric perspective. She graduated in 2020 in Historical and Oriental Studies Curriculum Global Cultures at the University of Bologna. She wrote her dissertation, under the supervision of professor Raffaele Laudani, in Atlantic and Global History of Modern Political Concepts, titled “Black Subjectivity and Historical Imagination: Black Identities in the Era of Globalization” focusing on the black identity and black struggles for freedom to advance a critique of globalization as the last stage of capitalism. She spent the second year at the University of Warwick under the Erasmus + study program where she carried out part of her research. She is currently working on her PhD research project stemming out of her dissertation.