Jacopo Bonasera

Phd student in History, Cultures and Global Politics, University of Bologna

I graduated in Historical Sciences at the University of Bologna in November 2017 discussing a thesis entitled «Melancholy, Prophetism, Imagination. Thomas Hobbes and the Order of Modern Political Discourse». This work led me to writing an article on the same topic published by «Filosofia Politica» in 2019. My academic experience continues now as a Phd student in History, Cultures and Global Politics at the University of Bologna. My current doctoral research, supervised by Professor Paola Rudan, is concerned with the political and social thought of Thomas Robert Malthus. More specifically, I’m focusing on the way in which the author reshapes some key concepts of modern political thought (population, society, government, discipline, constitution) in order to develop a political answer to the crisis subsequent to the Atlantic Revolutions of late 18th century.