Shaun Terry

PhD student in History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz

I’m a PhD student in UC-Santa Cruz’s History of Consciousness program. My background lies primarily in communication and Birmingham School-style cultural studies. Generally, my research pertains to the political theological, economic, and aesthetic determinants of far-right phenomena. My hope is to show that, in spite of oft-noted ideological and rhetorical inconsistencies, genealogical interpretations of fascism and other far-right movements can be shown to cohere with regard to emotional, practical (in the Bourdieuian sense), and cultural processes. In the sense by which many contemporary scholars of decoloniality use the concept, fascism can be thought of as entailing a very different political ontology from those of whatever liberalisms or leftisms. I’m struck by how the rise of the far right has coincided with the ever-increasing proliferation of internet engagement and what that might imply for the future of critical thought and leftist politics.