Carla Lonzi’s Let’s Spit on Hegel

Coordinated by PAOLA RUDAN

June 30 - July 1, 2015
4.30-6.30 pm (Aula FUMAGALLI)

Carla Lonzi’s Let’s Spit on Hegel (1970) is one of the seminal texts of Italian feminism, which questioned women’s claim for equality by stressing the patriarchal character of Hegel’s dialectic and ‘theory of recognition’. During the reading group, Lonzi’s text will be analyzed under the light of the Hegelian conception of woman as the «eternal irony of the Community», in order to understand whether Lonzi’s definition of women as «Unexpected Subject» is able to escape Hegel’s ‘dialectical cage’. The articulation of this question will be the base of a discussion of the relationship between equality and difference, the discourse of rights and identity politics