Paolo Capuzzo

  • Professor of Contemporary History (University of Bologna)

Laurent Dubois

  • John L. Nau III Bicentennial Professor in the History & Principles of Democracy and Director for Academic Affairs of the Democracy Initiative (University of Virginia)
Debjani Ganguly

Debjani Ganguly

  • Professor of English, Director of Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures (University of Virginia)
Ranjana Khanna

Ranjana Khanna

  • Professor of English (Duke University)

Raffaele Laudani

  • Associate Professor in History of Political Thought (University of Bologna) – DIRECTOR

Sandro Mezzadra

  • Associate Professor at University of Bologna
Sarah nuttal

Sarah Nuttall

  • Director of WiSER (University of the Witwatersrand)
Antonio Schiavulli

Antonio Schiavulli

  • Program coordinator – STAFF