Ezequiel Gatto

Assistant Researcher (ISHIR/CONICET), Professor of Sociological Theory, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, translator and workshop coordinator

I live in Argentina. I am Assistant Researcher (ISHIR/CONICET), Professor of Sociological Theory, translator and workshop coordinator. Dr. in Social Sciences (UBA). I am a member of Tinta Limón publishing house. I collaborate with political and cultural projects. I published ""Futuridades. Essays on post-utopian politics"" (Casagrande, 2018).

My current research focuses on Futurities, which I define as a perspective interested in Becoming in ways exceeding the terms set by Humanism and recognizing the “Unfinished” as an inevitable condition. Supported in philosophical, sociological and political perspectives that allow me to reflect on historical temporality, subjectivity and futures, I analyze links between the actual and the potentials under the hypothesis that any social relationship implies becoming and some kind of orientation toward future. The result is a cartography of projects, decisions, and strategies, imbricated with its institutional, practical and material conditions and effects. Among other experiences, I’ve been researching Corporations' Prophecies in Global Agribusiness; the Incidence of Financial Forecasts in Contemporary Social Life; Political Programmes; the way in which digital and network technologics affects the imagination of Future(s); the productivity of improvisation for political activisms; and ""racialized futurizations” (discourses that articulate visions of the future and race).