Davide Rizzardi

Master's student in International Economic Relations, University of Buenos Aires

Davide Rizzardi - Master student in International Economic Relations at the University of Buenos Aires; Bachelor’s degree in International Development and Cooperation at the University of Bologna.
I’m an Italian student, researcher and musician. My research focuses on unevenness of capitalist development thought as a unified phenomenon. My approach tries to combine the economic perspective with the ecological and cognitive ones in order to overcome the fictious separations that divide humans and nature, mind and body, discourse and matter. In particular, I’m interested in understanding the condition of the most vulnerable territories and peoples. Besides my academic activity, I investigate the otherness with my artistic project unPluriverso. This pluriverse, in fact, is what I’m devoted to: a world in which many worlds peacefully coexist, a world of tolerance and mutual respect where the other is not seen as the enemy but rather as a complementary beauty.