TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY Beijing 7-8 September 2018

CONVENORS: Anthony Bogues, Raffaele Laudani, Wang Hui – WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF Wang Shaoguang (Tsinghua University)


Panel 1. Reconsidering the Canon of Sovereignty

Panel 2. Alternative Conceptions of Sovereignty


Sandro Chignola (University of Padua)
Homo Homini Tigris. Hobbes and the images of sovereignty

Prathama Banerjee (CSDS, Dehli)
Sovereignty and Ascendancy: South Asian Reflections

Li Meng (Peking University)
State in Machiavelli and Max Weber

Anthony Carty (Hong Kong University)
Sovereignty Reaffirmed

Naoki Sakai (Cornell University)
Sovereignty and Nationality – From relational identity to specific identity

Cui Zhiyuan (Tsinghua University)
Making Sense of the People’s Two Bodies

Bedour Alagraa (Brown University)
Preliminary Thoughts on Sovereignty as Political Community in the Black Radical Tradition

Niklas Frykman (University of Pittsburgh)
Of Floating Colonies and Motionless Navies: Maritime Conception of Sovereignty in Early Modern Atlantic World


 DAY 2

Panel 3. Ideology and technology of modern sovereignty

Panel 4. Forms of contemporary sovereignty

Panel 5. New Political Communities and Sovereign Power

Lauren Benton (Vanderbilt University)
The British Navy's Search for Sovereignty: Protection and Possession in the Mid-Nineteenth Century World

Paola Rudan (University of Bologna)
Constitution as a technology of rule, Cadiz 1810-1820

Yuan Xianxin (Tsinghua University)
Remaking of People at the Beginning of 20th Century China

Juliet Hooker (Brown University)
“Frustrated Sovereigns:” Democratic Citizenship and the Problem of Political Loss

Niccolò Cuppini ((SUPSI – University of Southern Switzerland)
An Emerging Planetary Metropolitan Power

Zhiguang Yin (University of Exeter)
The global Ungovernable; International Order from Below and the Turn of the National Liberation Movements in the 1960’s

Zhang Yongle (Peking University)
Rethinking Sovereignty in the Age of Trade War

R.A. Judy (University of Pittsburgh)
“Power to the People” On the Question of Popular Sovereignty

Yan Hairong (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Food Sovereignty and China

Felicia Bishop-Denaud (Brown University)
The Last Maroon, Sovereignty, and Moving Futures

Maziki Thame (Clark Atlanta University)
Sovereignty, Freedom, and the Problem of Blackness in the Postcolonial Caribbean