Compositions and assemblages for a new political imagination

June 21, 2021
7.00 pm (GMT +2)


Cortile Guido Fanti, Piazza Maggiore, 6 – Open to the public
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Our political imagination constitutes a condition possibility for political struggle but the relationship also functions in the other direction. New struggles have the potential to expand and transform our political imagination. In this lecture, I will analyze the modes of organization in contemporary political movements, focusing on processes of composition and assemblage. And I will explore the relation between these organizational forms and the limits of our political imagination.

Michael Hardt teaches political theory in the Literature Program at Duke University. He is author, with Antonio Negri, of the Empire trilogy (Empire, Multitude, and Commonwealth) as well as, most recently, Assembly. Together with Sandro Mezzadra, he hosts The Social Movements Lab. He also serves as editor of "The South Atlantic Quarterly".