Race Patriarchy in the Light of the Perspective of the Coloniality of Power

MORNING COURSE (Aula Fumagalli)
July 3-6, 2018
10.00-12.00 am


The course will acquaint the participants with the elements that make up the perspective of Coloniality of Power as formulated by Anibal Quijano. The “decolonial turn” will be presented in its deep coherence in order to preclude the fragmentation and banalization that usually damages its use by young scholars and students. Race and gender/patriarchy will then be presented in the light of decolonial thinking to show how these two categories are apprehended and transformed when approached within this theoretical frame. A critique of multicultural discourse and its essentialist turn as regards political identities allows restoring them into their inherent historicity and national formations in which they play a part.

Rita Segato obtained her MA and PhD (1984) at the Department of Social Anthropology, Queens University, Belfast. She has been Professor of Anthropology at Universidade Brasilia since 1985, in 2011 she moved to the Postgraduate Programme of Bioethics and Human Rights. Rta is one of Latin America’s most celebrated feminist anthropologists and has published widely on feminism, patriarchy and violence. She has been deeply involved in the movement Ni una menos. Her most recent book is La guerra contra las mujeres (2016).